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The tower principle works the same as growing in big bags.

Ate my Christmas spuds today, ever so tasty.

T&M have a growing guide for spud growing, which includes Christmas spuds. August is the right time to plant them apparently. If anyone is interested, they also have a special offer of free P&P, ends tonight at midnight and some spuds are £2.99 for 20 tubers, works out at 15p each, that's if the offer includes spuds.


bags are to small from my experence and do not provide enough drainage.

each plant in my tower bed  ise spaced 2ft x2ft

the tower beds where stacked 2.5ft high when harvested


'Colin'  - If you read back you'll see that the bags referred to are the one tonne ex-builder's bags, dimensions at least 1m x 1m x 1m. customised by the grower to provide adequate drainage.  This size is more than sufficient for a few potatoes in a good growing season.  This year we in the UK have not had a good growing season.

Zoomer - glad you enjoyed your potatoes 


the reason may in uk had bad season was to much rain and temperature.

the solution to excessive rain is to tent you plants and make sure they don't get to much water.


I think here in the UK -we do know how to grow potatoes-unless "Colin" -you think we don't

Just a bad year

calling it a bad year is just an excuse for bad growing methods.

If you all in uk know how to grow potatoes so well how is it you can not grow christmas potatoes.

May you guys should learn better growing methods from someone  like Harry Dobson who knew how to grow off season potatoes.


I doubt he lives any where near me my nick pays tribute the greatest spub grow there ever was.

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