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After growing spuds successfully for several years in bags, I had hoped the 3rd year trying for Christmas spuds might have been within my grasp but me thinks set back with late blight, the plants are not looking very healthy and with the threat of frost is it really worth the effort.

Has anyone actually grown spuds and harvested them,even in November?  

Miss Becks

In all honesty Zoomer, I planted mine in containers at the time that was advised by people on this forum, and have harvested them all already. Mine were in various containers. I have one plant left, which is in an empty growbag, and the top leaves have only just come through, so they 'might' go to November time, but next year, I'm going to leave planting my seed potatoes until a bit later than what was advised on here, and see how they go.


I have 2 bags of potatoes (Charlotte) doing very well. Mid-September they were moved into the greenhouse and have put on lots of growth with no sign of blight. No sign of flowers yet. Am thinking about giving them a feed - is tomato feed OK please?

This week I have also moved a pot of carrots seedlings into greenhouse but feel I may have left them too late. 

I started potaroes off  at in August

Tried last year but did not have a greenhouse till October so they were not so successful

I think mine were planted late July and so calculated they would be ready towards the end of October beginning of November. The plan was to leave a couple of bags for harvest in December  I didn't expect them to grow as quickly as they did though. Last year they were planted later and didn't grow to a sufficient size before frost got them and the bags froze solid.

...they've reached this far against all odds, first strong winds damaged foilage before I'd put in supports, slugs and caterpillars have had a nibble at the leaves, they've been saturated with an on slaughter of continual could count the number of times I've watered them on one hand and now me thinks they have late blight as the stems are slowly going brown

I was putting off delving into the bags to check if they are ready as I'm still eating spuds harvested June/July time. I'll check them tomorrow. Don't suppose they can be left in the bags if they have blight?     


were the same i have cut the green of the spuds hoping they might be ok for xmas and the blight has not actualy  reached the spuds themselves,i see Monty lost all his even after cutting the green off i wont know untill later when i try one, and i really was pleased last week to see that ex chef with Monty useing only nettle,comphry or wood ash for feed never buys anything, i did nettles juice took 3 weeks to matuer and is free and works just perfect as long as its not too strong now almost all the allotmenteers are making it but the smell oh dear?  good liuck




Hi again

Nipped out and took photo of my potatoes. After reading your comments I feel well pleased with them. Have to wait to see the crop though!



VERY NICE  I i see the little green grow bag  and iv had a thought i had a load of stone delevered and the huge bag is non returnable, its got to make a great spud grow bag next year goos photo

good luck Alan4711

bjay-I'm so envious my summer crop did well but sadly the Christmas one is looking like 'an also ran'

I delved into one bag and harvested ;'Dunluce' today,  at first it was looking like a bag full of marbles but an pleased to say there were some decent sized spuds, about half the summer crop though which wouldn't have fed us on Christmas Day, usually 12, we'd have been lucky to get one roast potato each. I keep saying I'm not going to try again. Let me know when you harvest.



4711 my neighbour used a giant bag for her summer potatoes, Great crop. Other forum members say use the big bags for making leaf mould.

Now i really have my fingers crossed for Christmas, usually have about 12. I will weigh crop come christmas if I remember! 


Hi all,iv managed to get another big builders bag  and am going the laef mould way with this one ,and its absolutley teeming down with rain here but still warm

goos luck everybody Alan4711


Hi there

Told you all I'd give an update. Still not harvested potatoes but thought I had better check progress so put hand in a bag to check and pulled out a lovely sized Charlotte poatato. No sign of blight still. Only a few weeks to go so am now really hopeful

Well done you, a big pat on the back from Zoomer.

 Mine eventually all went down to browning leaves and blight,two of the bags are still by the shed, but with all the rain it's unlikely there's anything edible in them.

Is this your first time at Christmas spuds.


Yes. Tried last year but didn't have a greenhouse until too late to do anything much.

Usually grow potatoes in bags in summer so am used to the concept.

Can't wait to weigh them now 

growing bags id a poor way to grow spuds not matter what time year it is.


But if you don't have the room a bag fits at the end of a path.


I find if growing for one or two people, growing in bags is ideal especially If you don't have an allotment or much room to grow stuff. I've found summer grown spuds a really  reliable crop too, and 1st, 2nd and main have always done well in bags. This year for instance I didn't need to buy a spud from June till November and grew five different varieties none of which could be bought locally.


Well here they are - my christmas potato crop LOL

Not convinced I will have another go, of course there may be some expert on the forum who can point me in right direction - I guess about 2lb or slightly more



Look on the bright side Bjay. you are now an expert on growing spuds for Christmas and your crop is better than mine LOL.

Never did get round to emptying those two bags of spuds by the shed, but emptied one I had in the GH at the weekend and would you just believe it, there were a few spuds in the bag....not enough for twelve but about a third of your crop, so I've brought the other two bags into the GH and will be delving into those when they've dried out a little        

not as many potatoes i got from my christmas plants

but i planted mine in august.



That's when I planted mine. 

Any advice, variety? fertiliser? talking to them?