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I sowed Lobelia, Busy-Lizzies and sweet peas 3 days ago. Sweet Peas are on a windowsill in the study which is quite cool and the others are in heated propagator on the kitchen windowsill. I have a heated by a cable cold frame in the greenhouse and a cold frame just by the kitchen wall for later.

Other seeds I'll sow in March. Have 2 more heated propagators.

What kind of compose should I get for seeds please?

I have sown 3 types of tomatoes (Gardeners Delight, Gartenperle and Franchi) on the windowsill as well as onion sets in the green house (Sturron and Red Baron) and Early Nantes carrots under a cloche outside.

I'm hoping they will not be too leggy and weak but I just couldn't wait (despite my explicit instruction in my journal last year not to sow too soon)!


I've sown more since last post, gazanias and 3 sorts of petunias. The Busy-Lizzies and Lobelias have germinated. They are tiny.


cody smith

I've sown cucumber,tomato,heliotrope,calary,Mellon,morning glory,scabious,love lies bleeding,echanatcha,rudbeckia,sweet pea,lobelia,amaranths all in 4 heated propagators and a grow light  

the propagators are only £15 each what a bargain  

I have sown artichokes ,snap dragon, sweet pea,poppies , they are all doing good so far.I will put them under cover in march and then move on to the toms and warmercrops


Well i'm back to square one my mini greenhouse was blown in half and I lost 24 sweetpea plants. never mind ill sow some more.


Cody was that an Aldi purchase propagator?  I came home with one earlier for my chilli seeds!

cody smith

Yes it was from Aldi what a bargain 

Stacey Docherty

My chillies are in and in their freezer bags ( always put the trays in freezer bags and seal for 2 weeks) also got a lot of flower seeds in but am not home so can't remember which ones!!!! Toms will be going in when I get home busy busy need more window ledges as well....

Wilko are selling heated propogators for 14.00 each

I bought a Wilko heated propogator for £14 and put some chilli seeds in, they have all germinated and are now in my spare bedroom doing well. I dont have a greenhouse at the moment but my daughter has one which we have prepared at the weekend ready to transfer the seedlings when they are a bit bigger (will be heated).


Its so tempting to sow seeds but in reality this year everything will be quite late I think as its going to take a long while for the soil to dry out on our allotment.

Have sown chillis and celeriac as they take a long time to develop but as I dont have a heated greenhouse will wait till March to sow my Toms.

Last year I bought a couple of trays that fit on the window sill and they worked brilliantly 

I will be planting broad beans and a few other items next month in an unheated greenhouse



I have started sowing, baby tomatoes, Thyme, Basil, Alicante tomatoes, cucumber and strawberry's and carrots. I am thinking of planting onions and courgette soon.

Planted cabbage and chilli at the weekend.


No sign of my chillies (after three and a half weeks or so) so new seed sown yesterday.  I sowed some dierama at the same time as the first chillies and bother to mention it because of the one to six months germination time ... two little dieramas seedlings appeared yesterday .

cody smith

Hi if you put your chillie seed on a radiator mine came throu within 2 weeks 


The gazanias and petunias have germinated. Sown Rudbeckia "Tiger Eye" and "Cherry Brandy", Swan River Daisies and Verbena "Dwarf Jewels".

2 Sweet Peas of the 36 I sowed on the 7th have germinated in the last day or two. Hope the others follow soon.