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If you have. What have you sown?                                                                            Thinking of sowing my next week. Aubergines, Celery, Peppers, spring onions, peas.

Then the last week in Feb sow, Tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes, sweetcorn and swedes. Then some more of the same in march.  This will all take over my kitchen until they can go outside. ha ha. Im in the south east, What do you think? too early?


Sweet peas, Begonia so far. Will be sowing lobelia the end of this month. Mainly sow in march however. I'm not sure if its too early I often find things this time of year struggle with lack of light and become leggy. I'm growing the begonia seeds under lights at the minute.

I've not sown any seeds yet, have spuds chitting though. Probably won't start until March and then the heated propogator comes out.


I was thinking of sowing a few on Sunday. It can't hurt can it  



I'm going to try starting a few chilli and sweet pepper seeds in my new homemade propagator in a week or two as they need a long growing season.  I'll only sow a quarter of the seeds though, just in case they don't survive transfer to my unheated conservatory.  That's much warmer than the cold greenhouse but not sure it will be good enough.  I have plenty of seed this year so it's worth the risk I think. 


Good advice there Mike!  A tray chock full of leggy seedlings that you didn't have time to prick out is neither use nor ornament as they will rarely grow into decent plants.

Crazy Tomato Lady

I've started Onions, Sweet Peppers, chillies, Basil, The dwarf Tomatoes that I have space to keep warm and catmint in the hope that will keep my cat from batting the rest of the seedlings.

I think it might be a bit soon for cucumbers especially because you don't usually get many seeds to use for back ups.


Chilli peppers are in. No signs of life yet but the seeds are a little (lot) past their optimum. Wait and see I guess. Plenty of time to re do them. My windowsills will soon look like a greenhouse. Maybe that will gee on my  h2b to clear some of our jungle for a greenhouse. 

Only onions and Chillies so far, going well so far


Currently sitting on my hands - I always start off seeds too early. Good advice above. I am  not going to start too early this year. I repeat I am not going to start too early this year...

I've sown tomatoes chilli and sweet peas in trays sitting nicely on the window sill. I've also grown potatoes in a bag as an experiment but will grow the rest directly on the allotment, chitting very nicely at the moment.


I'm going to sow some summer bedding plants for my hanging baskets today 


I did think about sowing direct in the hanging baskets but I don't have room to hang 7 baskets indoors, also I've bought some plug plants this week (fuchsia delta Sarah) that need potting up



I'm waiting a couple of weeks till light levels and day length get better.  I've been caught before sowing too soon and then having to cope with leggy seedlings.    Can't use the greenhouse till April when I can start taking out the big pots of plants stored for winter protection.


I've sown lots and put them out to get  chilled but they're getting  drowned instead


Ashleigh 2

I am growing bedding Lobelia from seed for the first time this year. Now they have germinated should I give them a feed? They're in sterile compost. If so should I use tomato fertiliser or miracle grow and at what strength?


no need yet ashleigh

you would be better to wait until you can repot to a bigger pot and use a MP compost for about 6 weeks than you can start to feed




I've sown some salad bowl lettuce , spring onion, broad beans, mange tout, beetroot and leeks in a cold polytunnel.My brain tells me I was a bit early, but it was more of an experiment . Salad bowl are up and beans, mange tout are coming up too.

Ok, so I am going to try and wait until March. (But am going to sow peppers on Wednesday as I have lot them and just can't wait . I brought a pot of daffodils in from the garden last week and they have opened nicely. Hurry up spring )