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23/06/2014 at 15:08

Hi folks,

Don't know whether you can help but here goes.  I have just taken on a
rockery, which hasn’t been forked for at least 18 months and is like turning over concrete as one would expect would you recommend mixing in some topsoil or compost?


23/06/2014 at 15:25
Hi, it depends what you want to grow, if you want to grow alpiny stuff, or things that usually grow in difficult places, then leave the soil, if you add compost etc uour plants will be triffids! Giving it a good soak will help
23/06/2014 at 15:38

Rockeries are usually a mix of soil/compost and lots of grit making it very free draining. Are you sure the previous owner hasn't cemented the rocks in? You never know!

23/06/2014 at 15:41

no there definitely not cemented in

I can only get the fork say an inch in to the ground

23/06/2014 at 15:46

maybe water it first to see if it softens up a bit

23/06/2014 at 16:06

Hi Nick - I see you posted a few times because you were unsure which heading to use.  I don't really think it matters too much - most people will click on Latest posts rather than each topic.

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