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After a bout of depression due to sudden loss of leg use I suddenly - and for no apparent reason as I know when to plant them - decided to plant some tomatoe seeds, which have now grown to 3" tall and are doing well.  What I need to know is do they stand a chance of surviving and producing fruit?  I have also done the same with peas which are growing like mad and flowering.  


The toms may make it if you can grow them in a conservatory or on a sunny windowsill indoors, but probably won't have time to ripen outdoors or in a cold greenhouse.  The peas should be fine though.


Nothing ventured Greywolf! Don't know whether you'll get any success with the toms but if you have them under cover and you get a few flowers etc -  then who knows! Nothing to lose. About 6/8 weeks ago I bought 3 sad little plants a few inches tall from B&Q for 20p . The growhouse got knocked over and one was decimated. I brought it into the kitchen and now it's the same height as the other 2 - about 18" and plenty of buds so it's  caught up again. The others have opened flowers - that's the only difference.

Let us know how they get on and best of luck.

Thanks Bob,

I will try to make space on the sunniest windowsill between the chillies and the peppers, when the weather turns cooler (or nearest mid to end September, or October)


Very true Fairygirl.  I'll most definately keep you informed of their progress.  I'll try all I can to help them grow, flower and fruit. At the moment they are outside but I will be keeping a close eye on them.



Amazing what a little heat will do for them! 

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