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Hello have only just discovered this site after BBC closed their boards.

Have bought two new rhubarb (last year) which were planted at exactly the same time and same place. One variety called Victoria, the other Raspberry Red. Victoria has started growing again but the other variety hasn't. Took another look today and there's not even a sign that it's still alive let alone growing !!!

Am quite disappointed because when we moved here there was an old established rhubarb left to its own devices which we harvested for quite a few years before it conked out. I'm not sure what to do now, should i leave it alone for a while and see if anything happens ??

thanks, shazza


Have you done any investigations under the soil ? That would be my first move with any plant not thriving above soil level.

No i haven't, funny didn't think of that DOH !!

will have quick peek next week when the dreaded storm has finished bashing the garden to bits. the wind is howling at the moment and it's really quite cold out there.

am not looking forward to the rain at all.

will let you know how i get on and what i discover.

thanks, shazza 

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