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Billy Goat

Help needed please.. I have leaf roll on my potatoes and I believe this is a fungal disease and the only solution is to pull the infected plant out.  I have done this with 2 of them, but it is appearing on some of the others now.  Will I lose all my crop?

After the leaves roll up do they go hard and brittle. Are the plants stunted, if so this would indicate leaf roll virus. Did you start off with seed potatoes or were they spuds from the supermarket?

Leaf roll virus is carried by aphids, the plants become stunted and they have a poor crop. There isn't any treatment, using virus free seed spuds will prevent the virus and spraying any aphids on the plants when they appear also prevents it.

The information I've found about Leaf roll virus wouldn't indicate it's spread by the wind but by aphids, so if that's the problem your other plants shouldn't be affected providing you keep them aphid free.

I'm no expert though, other posters may have a different view.     

Billy Goat

Thanks for the reply.. I bought Romano seed potatoes which are touted as blight free.  There are no aphids visable and I am still losing some plants.  Not sure how this will end, but I think I will won't grow then for a couple of years in my entire plot not just the affected beds.

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