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I have these growing well in a very large tub. Do they need staked in any way?  Would that be canes, net  or maybe 'pea' sticks?  Thank you, Maggie

I am growing the same this year and think mine might need some stakes to hold them up.  If they get heavy with the beansI think they will fall over.. Mine are about 18" high at the moment.  I had to stake out my broad beans last year..  Sadly I dont have space for them as well this year.  I am a novice so everything is hopefully "touch and grow", I tend to cram everything in not realising how big they grown.

Mine are about 9" tall so far.  Hope we get a helpful answer to our query. Maggie

Dobies Garden Centre recommends staking, although apparently they graw to about 18" tall.  Summnerpots - it seems that yours are now at about maximim height. Maggie

how exciting... I have flowers on my courgettes too and at least TWO strawberries!!


2 Strawberries! Great. I have several strawberries formed but no where near ready for picking. And my 1 courgette hasn't any flowers yet. Last year I picked a few strawberries on 3 June, I noted.  I've got 2 growing bags of potatoes. And that's my lot as space is very limited!  Maggie 

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