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Some fruit & fragile salads i don't wash (i grow organically) unless i have guests... i would hope if eating at a friend's house a reasonable standard of hygiene, so I offer the same standards I would hope for... However, when for my own consumption alone, some of the more delicate leaves, and raspberries in particular seem so fragile, that washing/ rinsing turns to mush. Minute crawlies that i can't see without my glasses I'm willing to ignore, however I've just read something about a raspberry maggot type thing... urrghhh... should i be more careful and wash everything? How to wash raspberries without making jam?


Can you pick them a little earlier so not too ripe amd then wash them.  Or, a gentle rinsing in a colander?  

I do wash salad crops and fruit......don't grow blueberries, gooseberries,,blackcurrants, etc. 



I tip them into a bowl of water and then into a colander.


Check for maggots as you pick them. I pick from the cane and eat. I'm still alive


I never wash raspberries from my own garden - it spoils them - I'm still here 



Thank you experts!

I must admit, my favourite way to enjoy raspberries is just to graze on them straight off the canes whilst I'm out in the garden... haven't had any wiggly ones as yet thankfully!

Steve 309

The main cause of death amongst rapberry beetle larvae (which is what they are) is being eaten.  A  bit of extra protein....  Wash 'em and they fall apart.  Unless they're not ripe, in which case they're less sweet.

You can eat raspberry beetle larvae and a whole host of other insects, even maggots. All are high in protein and harmless to human beings. How do you think we got here in the first place! It's only our bug averse conditioning which stops us enjoying what some believe will be the human diet in years to come. I still prefer a good steak though. 


Ha, ha Dave  I never wash raspberries, spoils the texture.

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