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Everywhere is proclaiming now is the ideal time to plant the blackberry type fruit bushes.

However everywhere has not seen the state of the ground where I intend on growing said fruit bushes. It is politely a mess.

Less politely it looks like a digger and overly enthusiastic driver crashed into the washing line pulling up the concrete posts, before performing the longest (and slowest) stunt wheelie along the paving which was not designed to take his weight and broke up somewhat. It is waterlogged, compacted, and right in the way of where two wheelbarrows and 5 ton of ballast will be trundling before a team of hairy arsed builders carrying the ManShed will tred their delicate hoofs.

So how long can you leave it before planting fruit bushes? Will it still be okay to plant in late March / early April? Or should I consign the area to a different plant and get them in the ground next year?


As late as you like if you've got a good torch   


I'll get my coat ..........................

From what you describe I think preparing the bed will be the challenge!

You can plant fruit bushes at any time, delaying it will determine what sort of crop you get in the first and second year.

Best of luck with the preparation!


Get soil right first.  Take your time cos this is vital.

This is what I would do.  Buy a good blackcurramt variety .....I think Ben Sarek is best......and pot it up in good size container.  I would have said heel in your raspberries but maybe your ground is far from ready by a long chalk by the sound of it.  So, I would also pot up the raspberries.  They prob will be ok in smaller pots.  When your ground is ready.....even if its in can plant out from your pots.  


The bed was fine til the digger came and went as I'd dug it through ready to get planting (good job I didn't!)

The rest of the flower beds aren't much better right now being under several ton of (very nice) top soil. I'll get some pots ready!

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