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With the news that we should be eating 7 portions of fruit and veg, I wondered what we all grow to help us attain that target.

I worked out that throughout the year I will have 23 different types of veg and 6 different fruits growing on the allotment.


Owing to the vegetable plot being revised yet again (we'll make our minds up eventually) I don't think I'll be growing very much at all this year but will have various chillis thanks to Stacey, two types of tomatoes thanks to KEF, garlic, onions, pears and apples, a small batch of potatoes, and my collection of herbs (Rosemary / Mint / Chives to name a few...)

Can't wait til the vegetable plot gets established and I can get growing "proper" !

Stacey Docherty

I am growing rhubarb, plums, herbs, carrots, beans, tomatoes, leeks, onions, potatoes and of course chillies oh and blueberries


Oh! I forgot beans and strawberries!!


flowering rose

The thing about 5 a day veg and fruit was thought up by  a nutritionist to get people to eat was not so much how much, but getting people to fit a bit more into their diet instead of the rubbish they eat and so her clever way of making phrase work for people to eat more sensible caught on and is used and said everywhere.

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