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Not an expert 4thPanda, but I think we're at the right time of year for summer pruning anyway (see buttons for 'How to' and 'what to daddress at top of page).

I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong but I imagine removing growth using recommended summer pruning techniques will get rid of a lot of damaged material and then go round again taking off any diseased leaves that haven't been pruned off  - they're never going to be anything but trouble.


Will check out the buttons as suggested Birdy. Many thanks 

Mine's a Bramley, yours is a Bramley, Puffin's is a Grenadier, possibly.

Yes, cut off shrivelled bits and burn them (bits on the tree, that is).


Thanks Waterbutts! Tree will be chopped at as necessary 

waterbutts wrote (see)

Yes, cut off shrivelled bits and burn them (bits on the tree, that is). 





 This is the stat of the windfalls from yesterday and last night. All apples left on tree are unripe. Will I ever get a whole undamaged apple from the tree?

I am asking myself the same question, Puffin.

Ok, fair enough! When I lived in Hampshire for six months there were apple trees everywhere no one seemed to want the windfalls from the tree near us, and they were all perfect, so I've been spoilt? 

Maybe the tree was sprayed by a mystery person. Maybe there were fewer airborne fungi or the birds and insects were better behaved or damaged other things in preference to the apples.

I don't spray anything with anything in my garden. Everything is as nature decrees it to be. My crops are not beautiful or championship size but I am certain that they are as they were intended to be.


My Bramleys seem to have more codling moth in them  this year and the Victoria Plum seem to have more plum moth.

What is worrying is that I hung up pheromone traps for the two respective fruit moths on the relevant trees and I'm wondering whether the pheromone has attracted more moths than I otherwise would have got!

Or are there just more of those moths around this year?


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