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i am considering growing some runner beans but i dont know if it would be better to soak the seeds in warm water first to help them germinate or not as i know i am a bit late in growing them? can anyone help?


Unless you're somewhere very warm I wouldn't start now, they'll never get to beans before the frost

Chrissy the gardener

I think you might be too late for this year, and no you dont need to soak the seeds they should germinate readily enough.


Woodgreen wonderboy

Has your local garden centre or nursery any plants left over. Might just get some in......

I live in the south and I sow my seeds under cover around mid may and plant out in early June.
And woodgreen wonderboy my garden doesn't do vegetable plants to be honest
Woodgreen wonderboy

Get your skates on first thing tomorrow. Get some dwarf bean seeds ( not that different from runners). Plant some in small pots, one per pot. Water, keep damp but not too wet. Plant the rest in your vegetable plot, preferably under cloches. Again keep damp ( dwarf beans like it hotter and drier than runners as a general rule). When those in pots are 4-5 inches tall plant them out. Why not use troughs and Multi purpose compost. Feed with tomato fertiser as you water.Warmth is important. When we get to late summer put the cloches back over them to protect them.

This gives you your best chance of some beans this season, but is not guaranteed. However just think of how nice it will be to be eating your own beans when the rest of us are enjoying those from far, far away. Nothing ventured....


You might just get a crop of dwarf French beans if you sow now.

  Beans must be planted so that they pop up after the frost has gone. Keep the seeds in a dry place until next March/April. Use a plastic container and compost and layer the beans like a sandwitch filling with the compost. keep nice and damp,not wet, in a warm place untill the roots or leave start to show. plant in pots, keep warm and sunny until frost has gone and plant out 1 foot apart .  Support with sticks. LOADS OF BEANS.

Firestorm and stardust -  - if you plant now, water every day and once a week with liquid nettle feed , the seeds will germinate .Meanwhile,  get the bamboo wigwams up. As soon as the flowers appear, feed once a week with liquid compfrey feed. I planted mine 3 weeks ago, they are 6' high now and curling round the tops of the canes with loads of red (firestorm) and white(stardust) flowers. Btw, theyare both self pollinating so no need for nearby wild flowers.

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