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I'm disabled and last year I bought some trailing strawberries "Red Cascade", because I couldn't plant them, I asked my husband to just put them in the raised bed. Ive just seen them! I've got hundreds of them, because they were free to trail all over the bed.

There's literally hundreds of them all with very small fruit (like native plant). Just what can I do with them, as it is my garden is bursting!


Any ideas guys?


It's a problem I wouldn't mind having Polly! Could you give some of them away to neighbours/friends/relatives or even a local school to give to the children? Are you wanting to get rid of the plants themselves or just the fruits this year? You could make some jam if you just want to use up the fruit.

Sara 4

I've got thousands of them as well, pretty in small doses but they grow like russian vine.  I have given up valuing them as space fillers and taken up ripping them out. The strawberries are lovely but tiny and for some reason the birds don't seem to eat them. It would take 3 days of labour to pick enough for a cream tea!  (Fairygirl you can come and get as many as you like)



Would it take forever to collect them for jam then!

Sara 4

Probably six weeks to make enough to fill a motel plastic portion ....


to get large strawberryycut off all runners  and  flower first year .second year plant runners eat fruit,

Sara 4

Honestly roy, these are tiny - I think they are only meant to be ornamental (they may not be the same sort as Polly has) as we have normal sized strawberries too.

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