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think I might give up on strawberries - they never seem to yield much fruit and this year was supposed to be a bumper year........not in my garden. Not enough sun I think. If I can get a shelf up on the one sunny part of the garden wall, I might try growing them there but they really are a waste of space otherwise. Will grow tomatoes again, probably Gardeners' Delight as the fruit are really delicious and the plants seemed to cope well with the funny weather this year. Would love to grow more leafy salad but although it germinates fine and grows strongly it always gets infected by leaf miner just as I'm getting ready to harvest!

Steve 309

Strawberries can be very productive, Gg but they need a lot of compost and tlc.  Or polytunnels like they do it commercially.

My spuds, on the whole were very good: Charlotte and Kestrel were both delicious and very productive, despite getting blight in early July!  I'd certainly grow them again.  Cara are supposed to be blight resistant but they got it early too and since they're a maincrop, hadn't even started to swell then, so nowt there

Stuttgarter onions have done very well too (just about to harvest them) as did Red Electric over the winter, cropping in June. 

Aquadulce Claudia broad beans were brilliant as always - sown outdoors in October and started to crop in April!  The maincrop were disappointing though - Bunyard's Exhibition only cropped moderately in the next bit of ground.

Primo cabbages did well too.

Really interesting to read, especially as we can compare to last year

Dove. Can't believe you are taking up your r.beans this week. Here they have beengrowing like the clappers for weeks n weeks..not just mine but in the local allotments too. Perhaps it's the area where you live. I ALWAYS grow a stringless variety(s). This year Enorma, pale pods long and fleshy. Long growing period and Deriree. Same... 

Definitely grow Charlotte spuds again, pink fir apple spuds I leave for another few weeks or more to grow bigger as they are difficult to clean when small as they are a very nobbly  spud but with a very firm yellow flesh. Carrot ts are great and onions, Stuttgart giant. All usual salad crops have been good. Strawberries, given to by neighbour WERE going strong until 'the builder' threw buckets of cement water over them.......TWICE. What's the matter with people !! 

Tumbling tom tomatoes are still giving and giving, they rarely get as far as the kitchen. Shirley Toms good, moneymaker good. Won't grow Sungold or Italian plum again, very disappointing.



Runnybeak - this is an old thread from last year that I  bumped up because someone was asking about varieties that had done well.  Check the dates on the posts 

I would have done the same runnybeak, infact i have before now!

Unhappy with San Marzano (in G/H)  bu it is supposed to be for cooking, so time will tell (sorry to use a cliche) Marmande toms are my new best friend; utterly delish Red Leaf Calaloo is fun to cook with. Strawberries; they arrived in a bucket on my drive, I have no idea who from. I put one plant in the g/h and one outside and they have been brilliant. More than enough for me, so I may need some strawberry recipes that I can make and freeze

Sweet corn has not grown as tall as usual but has cropped well. Broad beans did ok, not amazing, Runners started off badly but have improved. Great year for Fennel; have used some oldish seed from the Jamie Oliver Collection. Zuccini Bianco from Seeds of Italy has done well.

hollie hock

First year of growing in the ground. I've had really good results with beetroot, grown from Aldi's seed. I've got some late sowings on the go so hopefully will have a later crop as well.

Runners grown from seed off a friend were slow to start but are now cropping, peas and mange tout not so good.

I've got 2 types of courgettes, All green bush and Black Beauty, hard to say which ones doing the best at the moment.

Dordogne Damsel

Frozen yet another batch of fine green beans and sprouts are starting to look like sprouts, lots of them too! Cucumbers having a little spurt on, not quite sure how you know they are ready. One is particularly big, fat and green, but feels a bit hard? Any ideas?

star gaze lily

Don't think I'll bother with garlic or aubergines again.

Garlic completely dissappeared and the aubergines didn't due much either.

Is there amything you will grow again Lily?

I can recommend Dwarf Bean "Opera".......fantastic harvest.  Lab labs are doing well also.

the tidy gardener

strawberries. they are so cheap to buy its not worth the faff. only going to grow charlotte potatoes, nothing else is as good!!

and not so many corgette plants. again.i always grow too many.and then end up sick of them,letting them grow into enormous marrows.

but mum loves them for her church harvest festival!!


First time growing on an allotment and the bounty has been really good. 

For the first time, I tried yellow dwarf french beans, they crept up on me, one day there seemed little on them and then suddenly every plant had beans on, Kinghorn wax from Lidl, no supports needed and good ground cover.

star gaze lily

Cheeky bekkie

Yes, will do courgettes, french beans, peas, onions, lettuce, toms,  peppers, pots, raspberries and broad beans 

Very pleased with cobra french beans again and courgettes really good- I think they are Romanesque and greyhound cabbage good. More success with carrots this year, Nantes 2 I think. No success with Little Gem lettuce- tried and tried, but all been eaten. Charlotte potatoes good but not quite as tasty as last year. Lots of InternationalKidney but not that impressed with taste. Why can't I grow beetroot- grew this year and last and they are just tiny (boltardy) I thought they are meant to be easy?


I'm going to stop growing F1 varieties of calabrese/broccoli.  Yes, they produce nice big heads which taste lovely, but they produce them all at once and I'm never happy freezing this stuff.  Successional sowing doesn't seem to work very well - those sown 4 weeks later just seem to catch-up and crop just a few days later.  


Philippa, what are lab labs? Are they the famous Labrador Tree that grows little puppies? I'll get my coat