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16/08/2014 at 17:08

Correction to my earlier complaint about Cara spuds.

They did get blight and I had thought I had no crop at all.  Then I noticed a couple on the surface, half-eaten (by voles probably)  On closer inspection, there were plenty there, but not as big as they should have been, of course.  Harvested them this afternoon.  Yum. Hope they'll keep!

Claire:  One or two courgette plants (as you've now discovered) is/are plenty, unless you really like courgettes!

16/08/2014 at 17:22

Artjac......sadly not a Labrador tree......the way they are producing I could give away a bag full of puppies every other day.  I'll be looking at them in a different light from now on tho

Lab labs -  Dolichos lab lab or Lab lab purpureus.  Climbing bean with purple tinged leaves and slightly scented purple/pink flowers which are attractive to bees and other insects.  They produce edible dark purple pods of a similar shape to Mange tout.  The seeds are attractive with a white stripe.

I assume not many people grow them as wherever I've had them over the last 15 years or so, people are very curious about them.

16/08/2014 at 19:05
Ive seen those lab lab beans, wasnt sure, thought they may be just a novelty, might try them, thanks Phillipa

Sorry Lilly, didnt mean it in a cheeky way - for once!
16/08/2014 at 19:12
Dianthus "Arctic Fire". 72 planted, all appear to be thriving (lots of healthy leaves), but not one single flower. What a waste of money........apparently perennial.....worth leaving in position overwinter?
16/08/2014 at 19:20
Id give them another year Berkley , i was looking at that dianthus too
16/08/2014 at 19:24 the Lab labs......I've always found that they need slightly warmer temps to germinate than the average bean and I usually plant them out a little later too.

 I can certainly save you some seed from this years crop if you remind me come October/November 

16/08/2014 at 19:24
Grew Zinnias for the first time this year, fantastic display and a great cut flower too, all from a packet of seeds from Lidl.
Among the new veg grown was a variety of Cucumber called Crystal Lemon, perfect size for eating on its own as a thirst quencher. Aubergine 'Baby Rosanna' has been a fantastic cropper.
16/08/2014 at 19:25
I wasnt hinting Phillipa, but wont say no either, yes please
16/08/2014 at 19:30, I know you weren't ( tho it wouldn't matter if you were..... )

I'll make a note in my "little book" but my memory is commensurate with my age ( 27 plus, plus, plus ). So give me a nudge with your address later on

16/08/2014 at 19:33
Im hopeless at remembering these days too, i cant even find my little book half the time! But thank you very much, very kind , will pm
16/08/2014 at 19:48

Bekkie......received your PM but can't reply for some reason.  Will send the Lab lab seeds for you .....November would be my guess

16/08/2014 at 19:59
Thanks very much , let me know if i can return the favour
16/08/2014 at 20:22
Did you want to try wax wax beans Phillipa? I havent harvested any yet but so far so good
17/08/2014 at 21:37

Love fennel, so I thought I'd give it another try, always bolts - it's bolted. They have such lovely fat ones in the supermarket.

Carrots and runner beans are great this year.

18/08/2014 at 09:08

Lol bekkie, don't mind if your ever cheeky bekkie, you always make me smile x

18/08/2014 at 09:12
BL, its something to do with the time you sow i think, but i dont know how this would work where you live, i would try sowing a month later
18/08/2014 at 14:29

Bekkie......thanks.......yes, I'd like to try the wax beans next year.  I'll send you a PM with my address (hopefully ! )

18/08/2014 at 16:10
Cool, will pm you my email the stupid system on here is a bit hit and miss isnt it
18/08/2014 at 17:03
Berkley wrote (see)
Dianthus "Arctic Fire". 72 planted, all appear to be thriving (lots of healthy leaves), but not one single flower. What a waste of money........apparently perennial.....worth leaving in position overwinter?


They are perennials, they grow on this year and flower next. 

18/08/2014 at 17:54
That many dianthus will be stunning when they do flower tho
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