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I'm growing the white flowered Emergo runner beans for the first time - recommended by Verdun - brilliant beans - setting and cropping really well - long straight string-free well flavoured beans.  Very happy 

flowering rose

I will be growing Geums  and not marigolds.

I found even three courgette plants is a lot! and that trying to save space by using a climbing variety doesn't work. only scaffolding would have kept them upright!

not sure i'll try brassicas again next year. caterpillars have been the bane of my sprouts in particular...

was disappointed with autumn sowings of broad beans and peas. the former grew v well but seemed a small crop considering size / health of plants. the peas got done by snails i think.

on the tomato front, i tried lots of different varities this year - sweet aperitif, katiebell, lizziebell... but two varieties from last year (black cherry and sungold) def still the winners and will grow again next time.

i definitely won't be growing marigolds either! have taken over!


broad bean

carrots and pumpkins beans and sweetcorn great this year won't bother with 

main crop potatoes lot of slug damage you win some planning for next year

F1 hybrids. Will avoid in future. They synchronised their fruiting and production regardless of when sowed, successional techniques or physical separation. What woowoo and magick is behind their ESP? I won't be putting these Midwich Cuckoos in my plot or collecting their Damien Thorn seed again. Get orf my land!

Anya potatoes. Will grow them again for certain. Love em and I don't normally like potatoes. I gave some to a neighbour as seed potatoes he planted a row told her to treat them as salad potatoes only to rinse them etc. His wife complained about them, "they were small and took hours to peel" I suspect she tried to boil them to a mush. Philistine!

"Virus-free seed potatoes" "seed garlic" and the like. I don't buy the bull.

Yeah, right like they run an ELISA (assay) on every single spud.My garden has been producing perfectly good crops for 50 years on the leftover potatoes and cloves from the kitchen. No blight, no rust. 


Love your post Frank. Right up my street! 

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