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I found this facinating and thought I'd share it with the forum.

I was amazed and enchanted by the country as a whole but it was such a treat to see how they use goethermal power to grow tomatoes all year, I hope you can read the information sign for full details.


 Bees are imported from Holland




Fantastic, MrsG. It is amazing.And so organised!

Friends of ours went to Iceland for a holiday ( not the store!) and thought that they were a wonderful people.

I didn't care for their story about the buried fish as a national dish.


Buried fish - where it's cooked by the heat of the volcanic ash, didn't try it.

Fascinating place, especially being 4x4'd over the ash left from the 2010 eruption (can't spell or even say the name of volcano) and through the rivers from the glacier above. Amazing. Everyone should go.

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