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Hi folks,

just looking for ideas for my strawberry planter and what to plant in it this year due to me looking at the strawberrys at several garden centres and they look so past it this year.

so I am looking at something different this year, here is a pic of my planter any ideas welcome.


I have a big blue pipe it's quite wide and tall think I'm going to drill holes down one side and stick strawberries in them any body no a good variety to grow this way?

flowering rose

I have planted strawberries in long plastic troughs with drainage holes sitting on three levels (some rescued light weight cement blocks) to save space .


How about some herbs, parsley, chives, basil, mint, oregano etc., etc. Google herbs in pots. Or violas, they bloom for ages.

Tomatoes? There's a cherry variety called Tumbling Tom which I've grown before in hanging baskets. You can get yellow as well as red



Pansies are nice in those

There is an allotment group on facebook. Someone used an old pallet crate as a strawberry planter which looked brilliant! I may try this myself!


Dark blue lobelia is nice with terracotta.

Thinking of going down the fruit and veg line though

If your thinking of going down the fruit and veg line how about:

Planting a couple of dwarf french beans - 1 each in two of the side holes, the ball size carrots in the top, and in another couple of the side holes sow some peas - keep them short and harvest their shoots for salads.  Sow some red crinkled edge lettuce in a couple of the sides and if you have any spare side holes left I would suggest a tumbling tom tomato plant - that sorts out your veggies and salads sorted and for pudding plant a couple of strawberry plants.  Most people have strawberry runners they are wanting to get rid off - these will be perfect.

If you can squeeze in a marigold or two they are companion plants and if you can edge the side of the top with nastursion flower plants these two can also be eaten and the look pretty too!

Hope my suggestion gives you some ideas to try. 


My pleasure Nick, post a picture of it potted up and being harvested.  Raddish are also a good one to sow as they are quick maturing and take up little room.

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