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I have a spot at the bottom of the garden with gooseberries and rhubarb. They were already there but the problem is that I'm not a big fan of either. Does anyone have suggestions of what other fruit/veg might grow well in the same spot? The spot is partially shaded and is west facing. 

Blackcurrants? Raspberries? Blackberries? Assuming you are whipping out the unloved things.


what's the soil like Lottie?

If......if, the soil is acid How about blueberries.  You need to ph test your soil first 

Or an asparagus bed. Enrich the soil first though

Errm, I'm still very new to the gardening thing, having only moved last summer. It has become my passion though. Hadn't thought of testing to see how acid the soil is, will try that. Although asparagus sounds great. I love fruit, but mainly just for eating fresh - with two small kids I don't feel I have time to make jams etc. So I'll check the acid and then likely will be posting again.

Thanks so much for the replies. 


Red, white or black currants will grow well were gooseberries thrive. Strawberries also grow in partial shade although are later at fruiting than those grown in sun.

Aparently wasabi is brill in the shade. I'm sure James Wong was talking about it being an alternative to similar crops as you have there already. 

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