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hi could anyone tell me how to grow red peppers from seed indoors,i saw the seeds when cutting my pepper in half and thought umm wonder if i can grow peppers from them but dont know how to,could anyone help thanks x


Well, yes you can grow them - a well-lit conservatory or a greenhouse will be needed - and you need properly harvested seeds from fruit that have been allowed to ripen while still on the vines, and a variety that has been developed to produce well in home-growing conditions in the UK.  

Lots of info here

If you've got the right sort of place why not pop into a garden centre next spring and buy two or three seedling plants to start with - then you can pot them on and get used to what sort of care they need - then if you've been successful with harvesting some fruit, then the following year if you've still got the 'Pepper Bug' you can buy some suitable seeds and get sowing 

I don't have a conservatory or greenhouse so I bought some chilli plants this spring and grew them on in pots on my patio - brilliant - will do it again next year.  Bell peppers can be moved outside into a sheltered spot if we're lucky with the summer again next year, once the weather has warmed up


I only ever grow my peppers from seeds from a bought pepper. Buy a fresh one next March pop seeds in little pots, i put one in each yoghurt pot, they are up in a short time, i always grow them in the conservatory.

I have had loads so far this year, its been nice and warm.

One year i tried keeping the seeds but they didnt germinate the following spring, seems they are best sown fresh


The only thing about sowing seeds from bought peppers is that hybrid varieties won't grow true to the parent.


True, but i realy only wanted red, yellow and green ones, am not bothered about the strain. They have had so much fruit on them, i have had a job staking them for the weight.



Fair enough too, Lyn. I don't know whether they were hybrids or not but did you notice any differences between individual fruits on a plant?

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