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HollieHock, where are you to be out in Tshirt and flip flops, tell us so we can all come and join you!!

Wet again here of course, grey dark skies, shall have to start using my SAD light if this goes on, usually only in autumn and winter, but the condition won't go away without light and sunshine.

Poor food farmers, I feel really worried about crops for them, fear high food prices come autumn - a nusiance for us but a real disaster for them.  


I've hardley any flowers in the garden this year.  The ones I do have...lupins and foxglove...have all taken a battering with the heavy rain and are bent double   I bought a stack of plugs this year for the first time and have lost quite a few - the rest are struggling to survive.  Greenhouse is empty too   I  admit to being a 'fair-weather' gardener so, as you can imagine, there's not too much gardening going on. 


my day lillies have been in bud for 3 weeks now.. waiting for the sun.. think they will die in bud rate we are going..

@belfastbo i dug my foxgloves up other week as they were kissing the ground and had no flowers left on them at all..

the only things that have done well is the peas, carrots and swede plants.. they love all this rain..

Jean Genie

Maybe they should change the olympic theme to something biblical - maybe Noah perhaps ?

@ Happymarion. Raised beds are the business, really productive.

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