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Mel Mcbride

Hiya, I just noticed this today. They're at the top of the plant, only two are like it, on the one plant so far.

What I can tell you about them: The toms effected are growing in such a way that rain can hit them and the sun is directly on them, not bouncing off the leaves. We've had no rain in last few days, I water the soil, not leaves.

Ph's all around 6.5. I water same times each day, give or take an hour. A little extra on super hot days, if they dry out. Feed them once a week. Last feed I gave them seaweed instead of tomato feed for the first time. 

I don't know what else to add, that's all I can think of. 




I'm moving you up the forum Mel. Can't help otherwise, the pic is small and my screen is small. I can barely tell they're tomatoes

Not sure it's blossom end rot, it's more like deformed fruit caused by lack of water at some point.


Hard to get a good look at the image because of its small size. Anyway, it's not BER. BER manifests as a distinct patch with a leathery texture. It will gradually darken to almost black. Can you post a larger picture for a closer look?

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