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Potatoes have been flourishing. Planted about two months ago in new soil in containers. Today, noticed this on a few leaves. I'm hopinv just some moisture on the leaves caused some burns or some insect did this instead of it being blight, but I hear it's around early this year.


Its possible, sorry. I would take the leaf off and dispose anyway

Thanks, I'll do that. I really hope it isn't, it was all going so well!

Its gutting isnt it, i dont grow spuds anymore but when i did, i had to grow the resistant ones to have any chance of a crop, good luck

blight usually spreads during wet weather, hopefully with it being fairly dry if it is blight it might not have spread too far!



Certainly remove the leaf. I've Googled "potato blight on leaves images" and I'm not sure if that's what you have, but have learned that it attacks older lower leaves first. Looks a bit to me like the leaf has been scorched, but don't take my word for it.

I've removed about ten leaves off each container. One has two plants in the other three.

I think it probably is blight but I've spotted it very early. I can onlt hope that it won't take hold but it probably will. wevd had no rain at all for at least four weeks. Lots of sun. I've been watering daily for at least a week as being in containers they need it and wilt if I don't. I guess it's a good sign that the potatoes themselves are swelling but I'd be much happier if I was a month further along. Any cheap, DIY sprays I can make to help resist it, even if only a little?

i plan to make some green tea and nettle spray for my courgetes for the common mildew on leaves that I always get.


If you've had no rain, it shouldn't be blight as that needs high humidity, just try not to get the leaves wet when watering

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My potatoes have severe (and very early!) blight. Although it's been dry for a couple of weeks, we had frequent rain and mild temperatures for some weeks before this, and there's no stopping the blight now. My plants never even got as far as flowering.

Happily, the spuds themselves are not affected (I always grow Charlotte for this characteristic) but the yields will not be as good as it should.

Snow, you can get bordoux mixture for blight, i didnt find it that effective, others swear by it, its the only thing available i believe

Thanks Becki, any idea where I can get some cheap?

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Bordeaux Mixture may help to prevent blight from spreading but it won't get rid of blight that's already there. I have a feeling it's another of those things that's due to be phased out but there may still be some in garden centres etc. 

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carrying this thread along; im not sure whether my spuds have very early blight or not!

some leaves at the bottom of some plants have yellow leaves. no rain for 3 weeks, I wondered if it was vitamin defficency so used Epson salts , watering and avoiding the leaves.

this morning a couple of leaves had a bit of brown on them!!

if it spreads, if it is blight, they've been in since 30th march, charlottle and duke of York.

my question is:

is it best to  cut of the leaves?

dig the spuds up? or leave in the ground?!

I have had blight a couple of years back in the lovely 2012 rainfest that was our summer.havent grown them since.hum...

Hi Snow, you should be able to buy online if you really want to try it, i had mine from the organic gardening catologue, but im sure you can find it cheaper onlinw
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Claire, your description sounds very like my potatoes. You're supposed to remove the blighted leaves and destroy them. I do find that with Charlotte, the potatoes themselves are unaffected even when the whole top.has died off, and they will stay fresh in the ground until you want them, although they won't grow any bigger.

But some other varieties of potato tuber seem to succumb to the blight, so maybe lift and store them, or eat them first?


the tidy gardener

ooh thanks guys!

im going to have a look now I could hardly wait !

been gardening for years, but its still exciting!

the tidy gardener

duke of York ready and very good.

charlotte not quite, very small.but they're in bags

Decided to spray my potatoes with bordeaux mixture this morning as rain is forecast for the end of the week and all next week, they had a spray at the beginning of the month too. I noticed what looks like blight on my first early pentland but none on the second early Charlotte and nadine or maincrop desiree. There hasn't been any rain for a week or so but we had a  full criteria on the 14th and a near miss on 18th and 19th. I removed the affected leaves but will check again tomorrow and will consider cutting the haulms off the first earlies after digging a sample as I reckon that they can't be too far off the harvest time anyhow, this I want to get done before the rain comes to prevent the spores from spreading to the tubers or the unaffected plants.

I've not seen any more possible blight since I took the dodgy leaves off. I've ordered a small amount of bordeaux mixture off ebay.

The potatoes are incredibly thirsty at the moment, demanding several litres each day. I've been even more careful with my watering to ensure none ends up on the leaves at all. Hopefully It'll be ok.

Well I didn't take any chances I'm not sure that it was signs of blight but after digging some potatoes they looked about ready to lift so I cut all the haulms down and binned them then lifted the two rows of pentland javelin in total 30lbs, fingers crossed that the second early and maincrop stay blight free.