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My peas are now outside growing well.

Sowing indoors is the only way to keep mice away. Plant out when seed plant has outgrown the seed.  Sorry, holly sprigs will make no difference

I have tried many of the so called remedies over the years...none of them work.  

i find gorse is the best against mice or birds, they are extreamly spikey,

best to wear gloves we trimming from the bushes,

cody smith

I soak mine in vinegar or cheap vodka for 10 minuets and then sow them like normal 



I now have this impression of drunken mice staggering around the garden.

I have had this problem, currently only managed to get 3 pea plants, I just have to cover everything, seed trays with lids are good, I also have a propagator (not plugged in) in the greenhouse which they cant get into. Lots of people here seem to be saying once they're bigger they are ok, but I just had my only two mange tout plants which were at least 15cm tall, pulled out of their pot, snapped off from the root! They were fine when in smaller pots on table but I had re potted them and had the pot on the floor of greenhouse. Im wondering if this is more likely to be a rat? We are on a smallholding so they are around, not sure how it is getting in though! Very upsetting as they were doing so well! Think Im just going to grow them in the house for a while!


The only sure fire way is to sown indoors and plant out when the peas are 3 or 4" high, when the seed has just have disappeared.  

I tried all the recommendations in the past but this works.  

I have found the best thing is to soak seeds in a week seaweed solution. Any seaweed will do. The saltiness puts them off
Also I've heard but never tried; plant the seeds with hair around them. Just stuff pulled from your brush. It sounds strange but I've heard it works

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