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Ok so..technically TEA isnt fruit or veg but heck it's a plant right? In a nutshell, can you grow a tea plant in a greenhouse? Just interesting to pick your own and drink it.

Also, Kiwi plant, was tempted to buy one for £8..and keep it in a greenhouse. Worth the hassle? Same with a more expensive lemon tree..always a nice lookng thing..thinking keeping on on the patio porch...double doors to keep the draft away..but not facing the sun much.

Thoughts welcome.


I too would love a lemon tree, I have heard that Aldi or Lidl have them sometimes. I would keep it in my conservatory, which is unheated but the boiler is in there. Tea I don't know about; I dare you to email Tetley tea and ask their advice!


Hi Artjack, I have been reliably informed that there is small firm in Cornwall that grows tea and even exports it! So have a go, it will be lovely to have tea from your own bush


jatnik, I would love to grow Cuban coffee, but I believe coffee needs to grow at altitude; we don't hold with altitude here in the Fens, the highest point is my rock garden - probably 1 metre above sea level.

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