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Can you divide Lavender? I have some huge clumps of Lavender de Grasse. I already split strawberries successfully, and I do know about taking cuttings , but these bushes are 2ft wide and I want to add some to a new Rose Border. Any ideas?


Dividing depends on having more than one stem coming out of the ground. If there's only one you can't. If there's more than one it's worth a try. The down side would be some rather odd shaped bushes

I sawed a weigla in half a couple of years ago. Bought one with 2 distinctly separate stems, pruning saw down the middle. 2 plants. 



On a different subject I have cut 2 twigs from a lavender about 3 inches tall and placed them in rooting powder and then in a 3 " pot just to see if they take

I know that you can divide thyme successfully, and I always pop trimmings into the ground, but can I do that at this time of year?

I would wait Just a little while longer.  Conditions will be improving week by week now...soil better chances of rooting thyme.

Not convinced by dividing lavendars.  They do far better from new shoots taken in mid to late spring.  Growing from old wood is not what lavendars do.  Better more vigorous plants by summer's end from cuttings.  



On the subject of Lavenders. How far back can you cut them and expect them to regrow? I've a "bush" along the path that is all old wood so presumably very established but I'd like to gain back a little of the path without killing the plant!

interested in this


Related question - i missed cutting back my lavender last summer, but know you can do it in the spring instead - do i wait til frosts are gone for this?  Don't want to jeopardise this years flowers


Thanks Dove - should have scooted round that site a bit more before i asked the question  Looks like i should do it today - not a moment to lose .....

Thank you  

More on how to prune

Just in passing - I did divide my 'Grasse' Lavender and they have taken beautifully - Now have new big clumps that I have trimmed into jolly balls of joy. Can highly recommend this instead of buying new stock. Cuttings nowhere near as successful. Pretty but weak and feeble!

Oh!  Surprised biofreak.  I can only think you had plants growing together...?  

Anyway, pleased they are looking good now 



Can you give us a bit more information about how you did the division please Biofreak?

As far as I can tell all my lavender plants only have one stem coming out of the soil. I can't think how I would divide a plant unless I split the central stem - which I'm not sure is a good idea.

If, however, that is what you did I might sacrifice one to give it a try as it sounds as though you had good results. 

You could try mounding some soil around the base so that it becomes multistemmed. This often promotes new growth from the middle, then divide next year into loads of smaller plants

Usually a split stem means its demise.  And burying lavendar shouldn't work theory.   Cuttings for me every time.  I plant to plant another lavendar edge to my veg plot this year from cuttings taken in spring. ,


Yes, I think I'm with you on this one Verdun - I just don't see how lavender would split well.

I might try both layering and cuttings later in the year. I could believe that layering might give larger plants sooner. 

I think that it is the type of Lavender because my Hidcote was a disaster but the 'Grasse' was brilliant. I just split it in two like they do in Provence. The Papillon 'Butterfly Lavender' seems to only work from cuttings too. On rambles I have always tugged a root out of the ground and it has taken well.