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 Point 1.   Can you put too much manure under the soil in which you are going to plant your leeks?

Point 2.   Is there a disadvantage to growing leeks in a container? I understand the need to maintain watering etc..


Can't advise about manure, only to say if you manure your leek bed ( like any other veg bed) make sure it's well rotted before you plant.

Growing in containers I've only experienced someone doing this once and they were very poor.

Can't advise about manure either but some veg's are good for growing in containers and some veg isn't. Leeks would be a no for me.


If Leeks are not suitable for container growing.  Does anyone know why?


You can't grow many in a pot, leeks do need some space to produce a good harvest and economically speaking you won't get many for the effort, time and care you put in. Cabbage, cauliflower, turnip and swede are best not grown in pots and vegs which have a tappered root need deep soil to grow well. 

Some vegs don't need much spacing to grow for instance spinach, chad, spring onions, radish, salad leaves, these have all grown well and produced good harvests for me in pots.  

Some veg grows upwards for instance beans and peas, dwarf varieties do well in pots.

Then stuff like toms and chillies which produce their fruit above ground, depending on the variety can do well in pots. Some of the cherry tom varieties grow really well even in hanging baskets.

Herbs grow well in pots as one plant is usually sufficent for most families.

Hope this is helpful, I could go on but your Q was about leeks   


Many thanks for your very useful input.

Best wishes,



Happy growing

Have a nice Christmas and look forward to hearing how you fair in the New Year.  

Don't plant leeks in soil with fresh manure, it will rot them. Well rotted manure is fine just make sure it is dug into the existing soil well.


For leeks I put bone meal on the bed .I agree fresh manure will rot them

Leeks seeds I put them in toilet roll holders in the greenhouse , once there are big enough I put the lot in the Allottment bed 

And they have done really well

As leeks are growing. can you overfeed them?

I suspect you can over feed , my friend constantly over feeds plants and they just get leggy 

personally once the bed is prepared I just leave them , obviously I water them if needed and cover them with mesh until the weather turns in the Autumn

Many thanks. I shall bear in mind all your useful comments. Thank you!

And if you do feed them use a long lasting one like bonemeal or blood fish and bone.

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