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I have a year old lemon tree, very small with one lemon on it. the lemon is about two inches long, and has been on the tree for about 6 months. It has now turned from green to yellow, how long do I leave it on the tree, and when should I pick it? As I am a newbie to all this, any advice appreciated.

Thank you.


Acording to RHS lemons can take upto 12 months to ripen from flower stage. Was the plant outdoors? when did you bring it in? is it flowering? is there heating where your keeping it? are you using nitrogen feed March - Oct? are you using tepid water now its cooler and letting it dry off somewhat before watering? are you growing shoots?


What kind ( have, it's important too.

Hello Discodave and ThaiGer, thank you for your replies. We got the plant as a gift when we bought some bulbs and other stuff, and no information came with it, so I don't know what it's botanical name is.  The plant is in a porch, which is not heated but sheltered, with no draughts, it's never been outside. The fruit (all one of it!) has been there about 9 months, so we could leave it longer, there were lots of flowers, but they all dropped off and there are no flowers now.

discodave wrote (see)

 are you using tepid water now its cooler and letting it dry off somewhat before watering? 

We haven't done this, but should we do this in the cold weather?

Thank you again for advice,




Lemons like good air circulation, they like being outddors, they just don't like frost. (you may be as well getting it outside on warmer days- say min 15c) Make sure your not over watering it, they like to be quite dry, if the top of the soil is damp (dont water it), if it feels dry then leave it a week before watering it. Can you see roots coming out of the bottom of the pot? (any moss on top?)


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