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Does anyone have any advice on growing little elf chillies? I'm new to growing them they have just germinated and there about 2 cm tall. Thanks


Have you grown toms? You treat chillies exactly the same way. When the seedlings have a couple of true leaves, transplant them into 3" pots and give them as much light - preferably sunlight - and warmth as you can. When they're nice and sturdy, transplant them again to wherever they're going to spend their days.

Little Elf are a determinate (bush) variety so won't grow to much more than about 18". They will happily live in a 25-30cm pot. Don't overwater or overfertilise. Like toms, they thrive on controlled neglect.

Thanks for the advice. I thought a 15cm pot would be big enough But I am inexperienced.


15cm is on the small side. You need to give the roots room.

Thanks I will try a bigger pot. Hopefully the weather picks up soon. Everything is growing so slow.

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