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Does anyone have any knowledge as to whether it is safe to use low voc paint on terracotta pots for vegetable and herb plants please?

I would appreciate it, if possible, as much in depth information (or link to) as possible.





Given that low voc paints will contain a lower amount of toxic volatile organic compounds than conventional paint, I can only assume that using them is much safer than using conventional paint - that is the point of them 

However, for me one of the important properties of terracotta pots is that they are naturally porous and allow air and moisture to pass through - for some plants, particularly ones that are going to spend their lives in a pot, and for mediterranean plants in particular, I find this to be a distinct advantage as it helps prevent waterlogging of the roots.  I'm concerned that painting the pots may mean that the pots lose their porosity. 


I agree. The advantage of terra cotta is that it "breathes". Much healthier for the plants involved. Painting would have to seal the porous surface.

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