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Fruit & veg

Mad veg idea needed for small terrace house front garden

Why my neighbours think i am barking, its a way to meet people.

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I have lived in the same house for 20 years its a small town end terrace 3 bed house.

Last year i planted the front garden with a dozen sweetcorn plants, some spare herbs and some tomatoes in bright glazed pots with thai basil. My husband watered it nearly every night, neighbours i didnt know stopped us in the high street to comment mainly jokes about night time sweetcorn raides or deer. families with little ones stopped to point  on the way to the park, It was the best thing i have ever done and a great way to meet the neighbours in met line M25 commuter land. Only problem is how do you top sweetcorn.

My best efforts this year are a herb knot garden, or a tomato extavaganza all a bit lame. I just want to do something that the small children who pass can look at and will amuse them and will let them see food grow.

Any good slightly off the wall ideas would be great.


Angelica is pretty weird. It's a biennial, I think, so you would have to wait until next year for it to take off. Globe artichokes? Cardoons?


I was offered cardoons last week, its an idea.

  I just love when kids look and see food they recognise grow and realise it dosent start in plastic. I sat in the living room last year sometimes just watching toddlers look at my corn.

What about peas and beans up massive wigwams. Some older varieties of peas are really tall. And you can get yard long beans as well.


Hello  nin

Brilliant.....absolutely brilliant.  Would love you as a neighbor.....I think 

Not sure how you top last year's performance

Sweetcorn again with strawberries piled up around them?  

Im sure you will come up with something.  It's made me smile nin 


Lisa I like this idea have been putting off yard long beans due to space, Maybe this year i need to go for a mixed bed ?


Verdun thanks.

Iit made a lot of people smile last year, I think i was the only garden not paved , shrubbed or with geraniums.

I am not a talented gardener, I cant do great hanging baskets or huge floral beds that flower constantly and green shrubs bore me ,with veg I can do odd and different, My carrotts are purple, I had a Thai tiger by my front door last year( tigerella tomato & Thai basil in a pot) and i hardly ever grow a green straight courgette. Unusual makes up for talent.

It is pressure now because people are asking what i am going to do this year and saying they cant wait to see it, Its like they expect something different. I will try and post a pic tomorrow.

Victoria Sponge

Hi Nin, 

I grew a block of sweetcorn in my front garden last year too - it was perfect for the prevailing wind to pollinate and got decent sun - but I get a bit tired of people saying I'm weird for having veg in the front 

How about horned melon, gourd, courgette or pumpkin? Or mix it up with a mass of sunflowers?

I love the globe artichoke idea too...




I love people thinking I am a bit weird. Give me a good honest weird people any day over conformist.


Our last place was a Victorian terrace with a small square front garden - we had a small Victoria plum in the middle and it was surrounded by a mixture of wallflowers, forgetmenots, tulips and broadbeans - lovely 

Muvs Dashwood

My youngest is growing vegetable hanging baskets this year. He's just getting keen so its a good start.


Hi Muvs Dashwood

Would love to know what he is growing in the baskets, I am doing cherry and current tomatoes in mine but would be great to get some new ideas


Small pumpkins such as Utchi Kuri or Sweet Dumpling would do very well and are small enough for the fruiting stems to be trained uwards on obelisks or frames of some sort to allow several plants to be grown.   Maybe a bit late to start them this year but you could buy plants in a good garden centre or make a note to order seeds for next year when the time comes.

For winter, you could grow colourful stemmed Ruby chard and purple sprouting broccoli which you can sow now in pots or modules and pot on until you have space to plant them out in the autumn after you've cleared your summer crops and added some good garden compost or other soil conditioner to maintain fertility.

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