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Is it ok to remove all the dead and yellow leaves from my strawberry plants now?  They are growing in troughs and one trough is 1 year old plants, the other trough is 2 year old plants and I have baby plants from runners in pots.  Mags


I'd do that Mags. It tidies them up for the new leaves appearing in spring - or maybe sooner if the mild weather stays. I bought a few at the tail end of last season, as I have none here, and they've been tucked under the kitchen window just in the pots they came in.  All the leaves have remained green 


Yes, take all dead and dying leaves off - they'll just attract the slugs 

Thanks both.  It's a lovely sunny day here is E Staffordshire so that's one of my jobs for this afternoon.  Helpful advice.  Mags

flowering rose

my husband who has a lot of strawberries, took the leaves off the plants that were rather tired looking and this before Christmas and they look really well having re grown their leaves even with  all the rain .


Crazy Tomato Lady

Strawberries are indestructible, mine looked dead after a new wall was build next to them and they were mixed with concrete and tramped by builders in Jan last year, by spring they had all new green leaves sticking up and produced loads of strawberries.

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