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Orchid Lady
On Friday I am having a new border made in my garden and will be moving some plants/bushes about. At the moment I have fruit bushes in one corner of my veg patch, but they don't have enough room. There are raspberries, blueberry, gooseberry (from my mum and never produced fruit yet!!) and new at the end of last summer when cheap are red currant and black currant. I am thinking of moving these into an area of spare border next to my veg patch. Is it ok to do this now and should I treat the soil first.....anything else I need to know? Thanks in advance. T

Tracey, now is best time to move your bushes.  

No special treatment for your soil but always best to get in extra compost etc.  When you do incorporate some fish blood and bone.  I think in terms of 5' between bushes.

Those blueberries?  We have discussed these in other threads but they do need very acid soil.

Re blackcurrants I would cut them totally down to the base after planting.  I think extra fertiliser for them too.  

I'd agree with verdun, however if you can identify last years fruited branches on the blackcurrants, I'd prune those out and keep any new branches for fruiting this year.

It can be difficult, however last years branches will be darker in colour than the new wood.

Blackcurrants fruit on wood produced the previous year and even moving them now you will still get a crop this year.

Orchid Lady
Gosh, all that bit about wood and last years fruit has gone totally over my head!! We didn't get any blackcurrants or redcurrants last year, I presumed it was because they were new.

If I move them now, will they still fruit?

My blueberries must be the exception to the norm because although I haven't tested my soil yet, I think it is more alkaline. I am going to get a test kit tomorrow though.

5' between bushes, that would take up my entire border, can I put bedding plants in too?

One other question and I did ask this on anther thread but don't think it got answered, rhubarb.....can I move it and does it like shade? It is well established and produces loads of fruit each year (and made very nice chutney )

Tracey, you will need to allow reasonable distance between plants....what spacing can you allow? 

 I guess they would   fruit if you move them but those that are moved I would give them a chance  to build up energy for next in the long run. 

Rhubarb can be dug up and divided now.  Always better in sun but partial shade will be ok.  If you split your rhubarb dont pick any this year.  Get plenty of compost in there too.


Orchid Lady
Thanks Verdun, I will have a look tomorrow at exactly how much space I have, it's quite a wide border (about 3') so I could plant them so they aren't in a row and that would give them more space and could probably allow about 4' between them. I will dig in some extra compost and food whilst I'm doing it and see what happens.

I will post a pic after next weekend Thanks for your help, again....exciting times (I know I keep saying it!)
Orchid Lady
Verdun, I've been out (in the wind and rain!!) and measured, I have an area of approx 3ft x 9ft (1m x 3m give or take a bit) and think I will put my raspberries at the back and try to train them against the fence, also the gooseberries at the back (they may not do anything as haven't yet) and my black currant, redcurrant and blueberry at the front with approx 3 ft between each. They are only small so I will see how I go with that.
Orchid Lady
You make splitting rhubarb so easy Mike, I am so scared of killing it!!! But if I split it I can't use the growth this year either so will have no rhubarb?? Think I may leave this year and just force it, what do you think?

Tracey, it makes sense to plant as you have said 

If you don't feel ready to split your rhubarb then don't.  Sort your fruit this year then consider the rhubarb for next year.   It doesn't all need doing now.  

Orchid Lady
I'm going to be a busy girl next weekend, busy week first though doing paid work!!! Thanks Verdun, Mike and Dave
Orchid Lady
Thanks Mike, but do you use the rhubarb the year you've split it or do you need to wait a year?

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