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I have a two year old plum tree on my allotment which i planted back in november im trying to make most of space and i want to check it is okay to dig up and move providing it is dormant season and it has not been in for more than a few years am i correct?






You should be able to move it after the leaves have all fallen in the autumn.

 Take as big a rootball as you can manage.

thanks also when should i consider prunning it if at all? its a two year old VVA1 jubilieum plum bush trained

Alina W

Only prune when the weather is hot and dry, so late May-August. In damp, cool weather, plums are very susceptible to fungal diseases which can kill them.


if its only two year old it shouldn't need pruning.



my dad have raspberries and currants bush i want to move to another part of his garden whens best time of year to do this



When they're dormant is best, Eric. Late winter, early spring, or when the soil is diggable.

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