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i have tulameen raspberries which i have planted in the wrong place when is the best time to move them they have fruited this year and were planted last year


Hi Jackie.  My thoughts is now if they are actually growing. I am having a similar issue this winter, as mine have been growing well for around 12 years, but the past couple of years, quantity, and quality have dropped off markedly. Garden center say best time to replant with new stock, bare rooted is over the winter, but they do have some in pots now, (as well as most other soft fruit) so that is my thoughts for your question.

I'm awaiting for new bare root stock to arrive, so have already commenced preparation of a new part of my fruit cage, as have removed other soft fruit which I dont wish now.

Hope this is of use.


Hello Jackie, When the plants have died down and their leaves have fallen for the winter you can move them.

The only problem that you will find is that they will probably continue to grow from roots in their original position. They are the very devil to get rid of once they have grown in a place.

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