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This will sound rather silly to all you experienced gardeners, but it is OK for me to use multi-compost to grow my veg. in the greenhouse in, or do I have to use superdooper stuff?  I don't want to poison anyone!!


Multi-purpose is fine- I use it for everything-does exactly what is says on the.............

Thank you!!  The toms, carrots, potatoes, beans and peppers are coming on really well, but then had a thought about using the multi-compost. You have put my mind to rest.  I know I sound stuped but this is all new to me....and I'm loving it.


There are no stupid questions- we all started somewhere and probably all have done some really silly things that we will never admit to in the garden.

If you are not sure, than ask- someone will know the answer-and if anybody laughs I'll send the boys round to sort them out.

Ha Ha!! You'll probably hear a lot from me in the next few months!!  Thanks for being welcoming

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