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I use Universal Household Activator for the compost bin.  Universally available and free. All boys under 30 love the game.

 I should add that my compost heaps are well hidden from prying eyes.


  My boy is nearly 50 but would love to contribute - but the bins are a tad exposed (and so would he be)


He could always use a bucket.....


True - don't want to drown it tho!

I've heard about a great new ecoworm fertiliser range extracted from worm compost, which also acts as soil regenerating agent. Not sure where to buy it though?



Ecoworm Ltd.  Google it and it brings up lots of hits.... as I'm sure you realise,Jim.

Thanks fidget, I see that but I want to know a shop / gcentre to buy it from not online.


Try  telephoning ecoworm Ltd in rochdale , they should be able to tell you if they have any retail stockists. There is a contact us page on their website.

Okay that's great thanks

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