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If I plant some old sprouted potatoes from Tesco will they produce a new crop?

Never grown any veg before so just wondering if 2+2=4 .



They will , but as they have not been specially grown as seed potatoes, they could be virus infectd which would reduce the yield.


Exactly as fidget says. I've been trying to grow a potato crop just using storebought spuds all year, and I have yet to get more than a handful of baby potatoes, fit for a meal. That being said, my sister managed a whole kilo of potatoes from 3 storebought, so maybe I just didn't love mine enough. Going to try getting in some nice seed potatoes this year.

No expert

No reason why they should not grow. Having been washed will not help.

As Fidget says disease could be a bigger problem than certified seed.

As i said on anther thread Lidl are selling first earlies at the mo. Got two small bags yesterday. Sharpes Express and Home Guard.


I'm with fidget...but you take your chances. Seed bought spuds really aren't that expensive and at 15 to 20p per spud with a reasonable yield do you really want to take a chance.

With a seed bought spud you do have some idea of their resistance against stuff like blight and scab.   


If you are new to veg growing start off with the seeds and plants and seed potatoes that will give you the very best chance of success.

The time for experimentation and risk-taking is when you are more experienced.

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