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Is anyone growing something new for the first time this year. Having recently taken on a second allotment I have the space to try different produce.

This year it is Blueberries(in pots) and Cantaloupe Melons in the polytunnel. So far the Blueberries are doing ok, they were £2 each from Lidl so no idea of variety, there are other people growing blueberries close by so hope that gives me the cross polination that I have learnt is desirable.

The Melons are coming along in there pots(indoors) and hope to be ready for their spot in the poly around the end of May.

Last year I tried Celeriac for the first time and overall was pleased with the results so they have earned a spot this year too.


New for my allotment this year is sweet corn mini pop.  One other allotment holder is trying it too so it will be interesting to see how they develop.  Good for stir frys.

Orchid Lady

Most of what I am growing is new for me this year, having not done much growing before.

The new thing I am most excited about though is Tumbling Tom tomatoes, red and yellow  The new veg I am most nervous about is Aubergine, been reading how difficult   they can be this week 

I'm also growing chillies, courgettes, French beans, squash and cucumbers that I have never grown before.

Flowers I have never grown before include Morning Glory and Busy Lizzies.


Be interested to know how you get on with the mini corn Forester, my better half loves them so that might be on next years list

OL good luck with all the new veg, be wary about the cold snap coming, I think all my tender stuff will be cluttering up the kitchen table


Oky doky Scroggin - but remind me again in Late August/September as I could forget. 


Victoria Sponge

I've bought a Glen Coe raspberry and a tayberry new last autumn...

I've tied them to canes but now they're on their own...

John Harding

I'm trying cucumbers for the 1st time this year. Variety is 'Cucino' from Dobies of Paignton - a small type that is said to grow in profusion (time will tell).   Also Sweet Aperitif tomato (see the entry on the 'how late can you sow tomatoes' thread).   Another  vegetable I'm trying for the 1st time this year is a curly kale called Borecole - 'Darkibor F1' ; again from Dobies of Paignton.   All my brassicas are now in a tented 6mm sq. net enclosure as the dreaded Cabbage Whites decimated them last year.


Trying sweet potatoes from supplied plants in the polytunnel this year.  They are supposed to have been bred for growing in the UK, but I'll not be convinced until they are on the plate!  Also 'yard-long' beans - tried these outside before but the bad summer we had in 2012 resulted in disaster so polytunnel for those too.

I sectioned part of my garden for a fruit garden, blackcurrants, redcurrants, teyberry, raspberry, 2x gooseberry, blueberry(earliblue). Did have blueberry(Hebert) but my Alaskan Malamute destroyed that

Have a Worcester parmesan apple tree and a cherry tree which I planted too close together. Don't want to move and disturb one of them now as they started flowering.

I am buying Goji berry Bush and a honeyberry bush this week and another Herbert blueberry

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