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Hi guys, hope this is the right place. My MiL bought me a veggie patch for my b'day, and i'm not really sure where to start. I've never grown anything before, and everything I get close to seems to die. Is this the best time to start planting stuff, or should I wait for it to be a bit cooler?

It comes with:

  • 5 packets of organic seeds - baby carrot (little finger), cucumber (marketmore), lettuce (salad bowl green), radish (pink beauty) and rocket (arugula)
  • 5 bamboo plant tags
  • 18 biodegradable coconut coir eco-pots
  • and a planet-eco grow guide - picture based booklet covering how and when to grow the seeds in your pack plus others
Hi! Happy veg patch!

Firstly what do you like to eat?

Its too late for most stuff for this year, but you could still get away with the seeds you have been given except the cucumber as that wont get big enough in the time weve got left this year
All of the other stuff except the carrots grow really quickly, just sow a few seeds every two weeks, its as simple as that.
Carrots take a long time if you want big bugs bunny ones, but if you are happy with baby carrots, you could have some by september

Thanks for the warm welcome Bekkie

I mostly like radishes, mostly. And peas. I think Nando's macho peas are my favourite thing in the world. But I don't have peas, so not sure while we're talking about peas, lol.

I do like baby carrots, so will give them a go.

What about the radishes?


Radishes are really quick to grow so only do a few seeds at a time and every other week. They should be ready to eat 4 weeks after sowing

Yep, raddishes, lettuce or salad leaves of any kind, spring onions and most oriental veg can be grown now and until it gets cold, its the easiest thing in the world at this time of year as its nice and warm.
Water your soil first, make a line in the soil about a centemeter deep, dosent really matter if its deeper or shallower, put the seed in as regularly spaced as you can, cover gently, within 3 days, things like lettuce will be up, be sure to keep the soil damp - simples!
The only real problem can be slugs etc as they like salad as much as we do, its your choice how you protect your plants, but i go for SAS spray from the organic gardening catalogue and have found things like garlic granules useful in the past. There is always a debate about slugs etc going on!


I havent ever been to Nandos! I know- ive lived a sheltered life!

Thanks for your help guys!

Haha, bekkie. Maybe I can take you there one day?

As far as i know its all chicken isnt it, the OH has been, but i dont eat meat so no good to me! Its very poular tho isnt it?

Do you not eat any meat, bekkie? Not even pork? The radish of all the meats.

It's a shame there isn't enough time for you to grow cucumber. I have so many in my greenhouse at the moment that I really don't know what to do with them.

Any ideas?

@Eglantine, I find they're good for killing slugs.

It seems a bit cruel (and a waste) to cosh slugs with cucumbers

Sorry it was a bad joke to get back at bekkie for blowing me out.

Gr8 advice on here!

I was advised by a friend of mine to use slices of radish instead of cucumbers as treatment for my eyes. They were very stingy. This was not good advice. 


That sounds like terrible advice

Any thoughts on the biodegradable coconut coir eco-pots? What are they, for a start?

Aren't they just for helping seedlings grow? What do they look like? Are they made from real coconuts?

'The radish of all the meats' 


You can plant seeds in the eco pots and when they grow you just plant the eco pots into the garden. 

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