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I seem to be hijacking threats and posts when I have a perfectly good one here, sorry all,but on the other hand its the same people who reply so thanks to you all.


Anyway next question is what can I plant now,well in a few days when im finished digging the growings patch? I will be doing to above but what beans ect can I put in the ground this week?




See if you can get some Broad beans Aquadulce Claudia - you can put the seeds in a double row in your garden abaout now, and get a delicious early crop of Broad Beans, hopefully around May time - and an early crop should avoid being plagued by the black aphids that  trouble spring sown beans.  

And as a bonus, when the flowers of your broad beans are wilting and you can see the little bean pods forming behind them, you can pinch out; the tips of the bean plants and cook them.  This is another thing that will help deter the black aphids, and it's a vegetable that you'll never find in the shops - only those of us who grow our own broad beans can ever enjoy thiis treat 

Scroll down on this web page for a recipe

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