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Hi all i am very excited to be gettting 2 large troughs this weekend to plant veg in.  I haven't grown veg since ill health meant I had to give up my allotment 5 years ago. A king retired neighbour is making them out of old pallets the troughs are the type with legs (very expensive in the magazine) about 1-2 metres wide and 1-11/2 metres across and an inverted triangular prism shape.  my question for anyone is what soil do i need i was thinking i'd need some topsoil mixed with compost.  I planted seeds in anticipation beetroot, radish, mangetout, salad & spring cabbage just in pots.

hopefully it will look a bit like this

I filled my raised veg beds with a mixture of top soil and farmyard manure.

What a very kind neighbour enjoy your gardening again

You must be really looking forward to your planter!  Perhaps John Inness no 3  would be good.

I have just completely re-done my trough with new compost, soil and manure and planted my Christmas potatoes with the help of my occasional gardener.   We found good use for the many sized stones which 'grow' in my garden to use as drainage, together with 2 layers of lining as I found one was not enough before.   I have interplanted with cut and come again lettuce.    I would love to plant radish but have no success at all in spite of following Monty to the letter!!



thanks folk been to see progress today & buy wood treatment.  Whoohoo radish have started coming up & one salad leaf Guy said he is going to cut all wood & build them in situ.  i have pebbles for bottom & thick liner feeling very happy to be growing again!

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