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Oh my....usual weekend at allotment only to 'not' find anything green by way of sprouts, sprouting etc!!! in place of all my lovely plants is a mass of green lace and fat caterpillars!!! help...i dont spray....will they grow back? Wat can i do?????



Pick off all the caterpillars.  The overwintering stuff should recover, kale , brussels etc. Summer cabbage might be a write off.


Okey dokes....thanks....too many to pick off...there are dozens on each plant.....good news is theres no more leaves to munch on! is there an organic ,no harm method other than harvesting caterpillars? 


ritna GW this month, Alan talks about non might be helpful if we could have a 'life after bug attack'....whats the worst that can happen and what to do next???? ......

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