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Ok I'm a complete newbie to this, so be patient. Can I use old potato compost from last years tubs along with general purpose from other pots etc and the tomato compost from the hanging baskets to dig into my raised beds?

My thinking being that my raised beds are on top of a heavy clay soil and I just want to keep digging in as much as possible to break it up as far down as I can. We spent a fortune on various composts last year and I'd like to get as much use out of it as I can.

Cheers Simon


Yep-best thing do with it-as a soil conditioner


Don't do it if you had Blight though, or at least, don't use the compost in areas where you are going to grow potatoes or tomatoes.


I use all old compost, planters as a soil coditioner on my clay soil. I target an area for a couple of months and then move on. Slowly I am beginning to see an improvement.


Brilliant - many thanks for the quick replies.

Cheers Simon


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