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Hi All

This year is my first venture into veg growing and thought onions would be fairly straight forward for a novice. They are a bag of Red Baron from a discount shop.   I started them off in pots but when planting out have noticed a lot are soft, some with what I think is mildew and 3 had a flower bud, which I broke off.  I have put in the best of the bunch, but to be honest I'm not expecting a lot from them.   Am I wasting my time with them?  Would I be better sowing seeds next time? Some advice would be appreciated.  



Sets can usually be planted straight into the ground in March. The sets should be firm when you give a gentle squeeze. Any soft ones may already be rotting.

 I find I do better with seed, but they have to be started in a greenhouse around Christmas time.   For  red ones I use Red Mammoth from Robinsons. Kelsae and White mammoth improved produce big onions. Bedfordshire champion produce smaller onions, but are good keepers. I have just used the last of them from last year, still firm and not sprouting.

Also I noticed that one or two of the seed firms  had onion plants for sale. these will have been grown from seed this year.  I believe Robinsons do plants for sale as well. Its too late for this year though.



Thanks Fidgetbones, I'm thinking of ditching all the onions I have as RHS website advises disposing of any with fungus.  Not all the ones I have are affected, but its probs only a matter of time.  They're poor specimens.     I know I was late getting started with them, too much enthusiasm not enough thought. 

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