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Is there any point in leaving my maincrop onions in as they have started to flower? I have picked off the flowers but wonder if they will get any bigger. Some are no larger than when they went in! I could use the space for something else as the allotment is full to bursting.

steve downs

i thort the same, pinched about 4 of to see wat the difference will be, got about 40 bulbs in, only grown them once before last yr, so i asumed they only flowered to seed before dying off, advise some1, please, ,;\


Monty Don showed his flowering the other week.  It's a result of the funny season we've had - hot and cold and dry and wet in teh wrong proportions and sequences so they're bolting.  He said cut off the flower stalks and they may still ripen up.

I used to grow onions but gave up after I realised that they make me cry a lot - unlike  the frozen, ready chopped or sliced onions and shallotts I can buy - and they tend not to store well in our damp autumn climate.

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