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My onions aren't showing any signs of the leaves dieing back, the only ones which have bent over were flattened by the recent rain and wind. Should I use a fork to gently ease them up slightly from the ground to encourage them to stop growing? Or just leave them to it? I have got some whoppers this year and only a few bolted.


I'm leaving mine until they fall over and start yellowing. Bedfordshire champion went over 2 weeks ago, and I lifted them last weekend to dry off in polytunnel.

Mammoth red are only just starting to go over. Kelsae are still growing.  If you lift them too soon, the necks are often still too thick and they won't keep.


I'll leave them a bit longer then, thanks


They will come loose from the soil when they are ready as the roots die back.  You can of course use them in the kitchen now, but I'm sure you're doing that already.

If any have bolted - put up a flower spike - use those first, they will not store.


Last year loads of the red onions bolted, I was late planting them this year and less than 10 have bolted



Yes, onions prefer a pretty stable temperature pattern. I planted mine too early last season, the temps fluctuated madly, and about 70% bolted. Neurotic damn things, onions.

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