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Can anyone advise me on the best way to dry onions prior to storing please? I have always laid them out on a rack in the greenhouse or friend's conservatory but this takes up lots of space (I have alot of onions!). Monty mentioned a few weeks ago on GW that shallots and onions can be laid outside on racks to dry, regardless of the weather. I don't want to question my hero but surely the rain will stop them from drying out and may even rot them? Has anyone tried this?

Winnie at I too wondered at our mentor's suggestion, ours would be sodden by now Still in the ground until someone can give advice?


"Drying out" onions simply means lifting them from the ground so that the roots are exposed to the air.  You do this after the tops have already died off.  The roots will then die and this ensures the bulbs go into a dormant state.  Many simply lift them and lay them on their sides on the ground next to the row for a week or so.  Whether they become wet from any rain is irrelevant, but you don't want to put them in storage while physically wet so just wait until a dry day to do that last bit.

I put mine in an unused cold frame, they dry quickly enough.

Thanks Dave,  great tip!


Thank you Bob, that makes alot of sense. I knew I shouldn't have doubted Monty!

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